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Solutions for the female reproductive system

As the saying goes, the disease enters through the mouth, and the female genital tract includes the urethral opening, the vaginal opening, the cervical opening and the anal opening. Therefore, harmful bacteria are easy to invade, married life, unclean lifestyle, poor resistance, drug abuse, daily stool and urine residue, environmental pollution, use of condoms, wearing tight pants and other diseases will lead to long-term gynecological troubles , repeated outbreaks, severe cases may lead to and induce cervicitis, pelvic inflammation, adenitis and other internal and external reproductive tract diseases. Merson Pharmaceutical’s Dafuning series products are taking use of nano-silver technology with the principle of " Classified sterilization, cell reparation", had pioneered the world's first five solutions of female reproductive system

Nano Silver

ingredient introduction

Nano-silver,Silver AG has a very good bactericidal effect, with the rapid development of modern science and technology,the new emerging nanotechnology has changed the traditional understanding for silver,Nano-silver is the particle size which is made of Metallic silver elemental by nano-technology.

Antibacterial properties

After the silver (AG) was nano-sized using the emerging Nano-technology, so that the sterilization capacity of the silver on the nano-state take qualitative leap. After scientific research, results show that Putting liter of water into 100 millions of 2 grams of Silver Ion, it will kill all the harmful bacteria, and silver on its nano state is even more effective at killing bacteria.

The biocompatibility of Nano silver not only makes it a highly effective bactericide, but also can promote wound healing, cell growth and cell reparation, clinical trials, without any toxic side effects.








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